Assist. Prof. Dr. Jagadeesh Babu BODAPATİ

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jagadeesh Babu Bodapati completed the Bachelor of Technology in India (2002, Chemical Engineering). Later, he has completed MSc (2005) and PhD (2011) in Eastern Mediterranean University and continued the research carrier with a PostDoc at the same university (TÜBİTAK Proje No: 110T201, Feb 2011 – August 2013). In addition, he played active role in one of the 1001 research projects of Tübitak (TBAG-2371).

His research interest is mainly based on organic photovoltaics. He received Assistant Professor Certificate in 2014 by Cyprus Science University. He is active as a part-time academic staff in Near East University since spring 2015-2016.