Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin SEVAY

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Hüseyin Sevay was born on June 20, 1969 in Nicosia. Following the war in 1974, he moved to Minareliköy with his family. Mr. Sevay attended and graduated from the Minareliköy Primary School in 1981. After graduating from primary school, Mr. Sevay went to the Turkish Maarif College in Nicosia. In 1986, Mr. Sevay received a full scholarship from the Cyprus American Scholarship Program (CASP) and studied Computer Engineering at the University of Kansas, USA between 1987 and 1991. Mr. Sevay received his MSc degree in Electrical Engineering in 1994 from University of Kansas. The same year, he started his PhD studies at the University of Kansas. He graduated with a PhD degree in 2004. After his graduation, Mr. Sevay returned to Cyprus and worked at the Lefke European University until 2006. While at Lefke European University, he served as the head of the Computer Information Systems Department. In Fall 2006, Mr. Sevay started working at the Near East University at the Computer Engineering Department. Since his arrival at Near East University, Mr. Sevay has served on the Student Disciplinary Committee, and he is currently serving as a Vice Director at the Graduate School of Applied Sciences. Mr. Sevay is a volunteer for the technical team of the Association for an Accident-Free Life in Traffic. Mr. Sevay has conducted research in Artificial Intelligence and his research interests are in learning systems.