Assist. Prof. Dr. Besime ERİN

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My name is Besime Erin. I am a Turkish Cypriot who lives in North Cyprus for the past twenty-three years. For all of those twenty three years, I have been working at Near East University as a lecturer. I have obtained my Bachelor’s in Computer and Electrical Engineering and Masters degree in Management from Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA respectively during the years 1992 and 1994. After working many years at Near East University, I have also obtained a Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering. The topic of my thesis was Robotics path planning. I developed a simulator software for four different algorithms of robot navigation. Then I compared the results between them using them for robotics education in undergraduate and graduate programs. I am also interested in distributed databases and network applications. I have been teaching digital logic design course for many years as well as data structures and algorithms and system simulation courses.


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