Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali EVCİL

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Evcil received his B.Sc. (1990), M.Sc. (1993) and Ph.D.(2000) degrees from Middle East Technical University, Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department, and his assistant professorship from Near East University in 2001.

He worked in Defense Industries Research and Development Institute of Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey between 1991 and 1995 as a research engineer and also as Structures and Materials Group Coordinator.From 1995 to 1997, he worked in International American University as a lecturer and has been working in Near East University, Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Departmentsince 2000. During his years in Near East University, he was appointed as vice-chairman (2001-2003)and then as chairman (2003-2015) of Mechanical Engineering Department and also as the acting chairman of Automotive Engineering Department (2012-2015).

He has given lectures on basic mechanical engineering courses like statics, dynamics, strength of materials, machine design, machine dynamics and more advanced courses on finite element method, mechanics of composite materials, fracture mechanics and heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling systems.

His research interest and activities include production, characterization and development of biodiesel fuels, effective utilization of energy sources in the dwellings in Cyprus, performances of solar domestic hot water systems in Cyprus, aluminum foam filled crush box design and structural shape optimization using biological growth method.