Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali DENKER

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Ali Denker was born on 25 Feb.1963. After finishing his secondary school he went tothe Middle East Technical University (METU) to mathematics department for his higher eduacation .In 1990 he graduate from METU as a“Mathematician”. In the same year he returned back to Cyprus and he did his master and later on Ph.D in mathematics in Eastern Mediterrenian University . He also gave math course in “Open University “ just for one year and then he joind to the Near East University family in the Faculty of Engineering as a Assist.Prof Dr. From then he continues his job as a “Math Coordinator”.

Beside his academic studies he was interested in politcs. He is also the head of the “ METU Cyprus Allumnies Association”. He is socialized person and good at Tango dancing and giving Tango dancing at tango club of Near east University.