Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali DANANDEH MEHR.

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Ali Danandeh Mehr, received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering (Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering) from Power and Water University of Technology (2005, Iran) and Istanbul Technical University (2016 May, Turkey), respectively. For the period 2005-2011, Mr. Danandeh Mehr worked for government and consultancy firms in Iran for which he was involved in the study, design and operation of water resources systems. Prior to joining NEU, he worked at ITU-TRNC Education and Research Campuses as Manager of Construction and Technical Works (2.5 years). Dr. Danandeh Mehr is fluent in English, Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Persian languages. He has published more than thirty refereed publications (papers, conference proceedings, and books), and cooperated as subject editor/reviewer for different international scientific journals. He has also worked as a part-time lecturer in Islamic Azad University of Tabriz (SAMA College) and University of Applied Science and Technology, both in Iran as well as in Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus. Currently, he is vice chair of Civil Engineering Department at NEU. Dr. Danandeh Mehr has a patent on developing a novel algorithm for floodway fringe determination in Iran and his current research focuses are on the high-resolution assessment of climate change impacts on water resources that can provide catchment-scale information for adaptive river basin management.