Lecturer Andisheh ZAHEDİ

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He was born ın 1989 ın Tehran, Iran. After completing his secondary education, he continued his undergraduate studies in department of Civil Engineering, In Power and Water University. He obtained his BSc. Degree in 2012 with honor. Later in 2012, he was awarded scholarship from Near East University, North Cyprus, for his master studies in the school of Civil Engineering of Near East University (NEU). During his master studies, he was a research assistant for a year in department of Civil Engineering. His Master thesis focused on concrete durability, on alkali aggregate reaction (AAR). He carried out experimental investigation on susceptibility of Cyprus aggregate to alkali aggregate reaction (AAR). In 2014, he obtained his MSc. with high honor with cumulative grade point average of 4.00/4.00. He is fluent in English and Persian and he has also intermediate level in French language. He has been working in Department of Civil Engineering as a lecturer, since Feb 2015. He has started his PhD in department of Civil Engineering since Feb 2016.
His main research interests are Durability of Cementitious Concrete, Flow of Fluid in Concrete, Innovative Materials, Geopolymer Concrete.