Research Assist. Ali SHAN

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I was born in Bunair, Pakistan in march 1992. Completed my high school education from Usmania school and college in 2010. I am Graduated from the department of electrical and electronic engineering at Sarhad university of science and information technology Pakistan in 2014. I am doing master program from the electrical and electronic department in Near East University.
My research interests include solar energy, smart grid, and electric vehicle.

I am a member of Pakistan engineering council PEC #ELECT 44861.

Final year project

  • Electric vehicle powered by solar energy.
  • It’s basically design to use renewable energy.
  • To reduce high fuel consumption.
  • To protect the environment from toxic gases.
  • Benefit to local industry.


  1. Got 2nd position in Hardware Project Competition in 3rd National Academic EXPO 2014 at Swat University.
  2. 1st Runner DICE AUTOMOTIVE at National University Science & Technology Islamabad (NUST).
  3. Best Project award at SUIT Peace Festival 2015 (Sarhad University Peshawar).
  4. Participant in the NATIONWIDE innovation & Entrepreneurship Exhibition & Mega Event at IBA Main Campus Karachi.
  5. Attend 3rd entrepreneurship conference lcl 2014 held at Jinnah convention canter Islamabad.