Why Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences ?

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  • Because, elite academic cadres and continuously updated undergraduate and graduate programs provides a contemporary education for our students.
  • Because, multitudinous of departments and the possibility of transfering their credits to other departments from their own , helps our students to specify their real field of interests and increases the variety of employment opportunities.
  • Because, English being the language of instruction increases the chances of our students finding employment in international firms and other organizations.
  • Because, hosting 300 foreign students coming from 13 different nations, provides a chance to our students to get acquainted with and merge with different cultures.
  • Because, the mechanisms we have established for ensuring effective communication between the faculty and students, insures close cooperation with the students and they are able to bring their problems and questions to the attentions of intructors, advisors and faculty administration.
  • Because, social events that are organized by the faculty administration in cooperation with the students, is contributing to the development of social relations and thus creating a home for our students.
  • Because, the support given by the faculty administration to the social and academic activities of student clups, is contributing to the development of entrepreneurship abilities of our students.
  • Because, facilities povided to the students by the NEU Campus within the colorfull culture and tranquil environment of Cyprus, substantially contrıbutes to the development of our students as free and independent individuals.