Department of International Relations

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Dear Students;

The Department of International Relations offers B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The Department of International Relations focuses on the issues relevant to political, business, and socio-cultural relations that shape the relations amongst the societies, states and institutions in various parts of the world. The department aims to practice its courses with distinctive competence in accordance with the objectives and requirements declared by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.
The curriculum of the department involves must courses and elective courses. In the first two years the students will learn about the fundamental elements of politics and international relations, from historical and theoretical perspectives. In the third and the fourth years the students will address some of the contemporary world’s most pressing problems and explore the ethical and moral issues that arise when political authority is exercised from a a wide range of specialist optional modules from human rights to conflict resolution to Middle East, Balkans to EU Politics.

The Department has always been strongly international in character and today the majority of our graduate students, a good proportion of our undergraduates and masters are from Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Balkans, Turkey and further afield.

Department graduates find career opportunities at home and abroad in the private as well as the public sector, particularly in organizations affiliated with the nongovernmental organizations, Foreign Ministries, in universities and the media, and in private companies. As this range of career options indicates, the Department’s educational philosophy is to provide students with intellectual depth and with the necessary tools to think independently, to question and criticize, engage in collaborative work and be open-minded about alternative points of view. The Department has therefore adopted an interdisciplinary perspective and a multi-dimensional approach to the accumulation of knowledge.

Department of International Relations