Department of Human Resource Management

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Message of the Chairperson
Dear Students,

The Human Resource Management (HRM) is a discipline focusing on people-oriented management principles. This discipline aims to create job opportunities that enable qualified employees to get a job, offer them field-related training, increase job opportunities, assess personal performance, improve motivation of staff, evaluate overall performance, and price the work done or to be done. Additionally, the Human Resource Management aims the protection of occupational health and safety of staff of enterprises to ensure achievement their short or long-term objectives.

Department of Human Resource Management of the Near East University accepted first students of the department in 2006-2007 academic year. The purpose of the department is to train human resource managers who adopted basic principles and strategies of modern human resource management discipline, have ability to cope with the problems, have ability of fast thinking in solving the problems, perform accurately on the decisions, have leadership qualifications and become proficient in English language. Our department interacts with the Department of Business Administration, Economics and Banking &Finance.

Students graduated from the four-year program of the department of Human Resources Management have a chance to work at various institutions as a manager, specialist or as an assistant of human resources. Our graduates professionally carry out planning of human resource, management of employee relations, educational planning, career planning, performance and wage management, recruitment and interview techniques and other human resource related practices.

Dear Students, welcome to the Near East family…

Aims and Objectives
Department of Human Resource Management aims to adapt the following vision and mission statements in accordance with those declared by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. We also fully agree and adapt the values and goals with a perspective of contribution to the Near East University and are devoted to the distinctive competence statements also declared by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Our mission is to blend education and research and thus distinguish ourselves in the academic field and community in providing our students with skills and knowledge in human resource management consistent with the current needs of organizations and society. Students will thus acquire specific in-depth skills necessary to assist organizations in the effective utilization of employee skills and talent.

Our vision is to be a role model for all who seek intellectual vitality in a learner-centered and socially responsible academic community in human resources management.