Department of European Union Relations

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Message of the Chairman
Dear Students;

Both the economic crises that are encountered globally and the global power of EU in political field give you, as the students receiving education at the Department of Economics and of the EU Relations, a chance to investigate the global issues that are direct concern of your field and receive a contemporary education in this field. Therefore; you, as the students receiving education at these departments, have to closely follow the economic and political developments and policies both in your country and in the world. We live in an entirely globalized world in economic and political terms. Countries have no chances in becoming unaware of each other’s dynamics since even a slightest political, economical, social or cultural dynamism emerging in some regions might cause a shocking effect over other countries. The economic crises that we are experiencing nowadays are also effective on gigantic economies like the US and the EU. These current global economic crises once more emphasize the importance of Economics. South Cyprus is a full member of the European Union. However, Turkey has a full membership in Customs Union and the EU full membership negotiations are still in progress. This current case indicates that the necessity of having sufficient knowledge and perspective what EU means for the students receiving education in TRNC and in Turkey is essential. Because of this, you, the students receiving education at the department of EU Relations, have to gain an extensive insight about the subjects relevant to EU so as to be an envoy to contribute progressive and effective relations between TRNC -Turkey and EU.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Özdeşer
Chairperson of Economics and EU Relations Departments

Aims and Objectives
The Department of European Union Relations aims to adapt the following vision and mission statements in accordance with those declared by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. We also fully agree and adapt the values, goals, to contribute to the Near East University and the distinctive competence statements also declared by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Our mission is to create a unique environment in which students study economic and political issues in various ways to understand the economic and political structure of the European Union. This department ensures a comprehensive understanding of the economic, social, and political reasons and issues of the establishment of the European Union throughout a historical, economic, and political analysis process.

Graduates of this department are expected to be able to identify the reasons why some candidates of the European Union are left out while others were let to get in. Furthermore, students with a degree in the EU relations will have a very good understanding of the dynamics and operative procedures of EU in every aspect so that they become valuable assets in an EU-related career.

Our vision is to be a role model for all who seek intellectual vitality in a learner-centered and socially responsible academic community in the study of European Union Relations.