Programme Objectives

The Objectives of Economics Department

The objective of economics department is to encourage  the students to understand why economics knowledge is a must for the human kind. As the political borders between the countries are being lifted as a continuous process; then, the number of the countries which are becoming globalized is also rising. Due to this fact understanding the economics in a global perspective is becoming an increasing request. By moving from this point of view, the courses are organized according to this perspective and the offered courses are classified in two categories; where in first category the aim is to teach the students the basics of economics theory and secondly  the global dynamism of economics.

The main aim of the programme is to supply scientific studies and aiming to improve the quality of given education. The programme designs its working system accordingly to improve the quality of well-being of people in TRNC, Turkey and also third countries. There are students in the programme who are coming from different countries of the world and programme aims to give opportunity to students to have their education under a democratic condition. By the brain storms in the classes; it is aimed to teach the students the importance of a team work and also to build up a strong social and cultural relationship between students.

The students in the economics programme are encouraged to have vocational training even though is not compulsory for graduating. The students are required to have their vocational training not only in Cyprus where the university takes place but also in the countries that the foreign students are coming from. By this way, students can find a chance to establish a link with the theoretical courses they take and the real work life. This will automatically  give them a chance to have a working experience before graduating. The working areas that students mostly choose for their vocational work is recommended to be banks, exchange markets, stock exchange markets or the Ministry of Economics and Finance. There is Europe Center, which is established by the EU to bring Turkish Cypriots closer to the EU. This center is also a good chance for the students to have their vocational study as the students in Economics Department is well informed about EU due to the designing of the courses in the programme.