Department of Economics

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Message of the Chairman

Dear Students
We live in an entirely globalized world in economic and political terms. Countries have no chances in becoming unaware of each other’s dynamics since even a slightest political, economical, social or cultural dynamism emerging in some regions might cause a shocking effect over other countries. The economic crises that we are experiencing in recent times are also effective on gigantic economies like the US and the EU. These current global economic crises once more emphasize the importance of Economics.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin ÖZDEŞER
Head of Department of Economics

Department of Economics

The Economics Department has been accredited to FIBAA since June 2017.The Department of Economics offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree in Economics, providing a comprehensive education in economics and equipping students with essential analytic skills and abilities necessary for carrying out effective decision making processes which are essential in the present-day world of business. In addition to theoretical studies, this program offers students comprehensive and critical analysis of the developmental process of European Economic Integration. The Department aims to provide undergraduate studentss with the necessary training by offering certain fundamentals to carry out further studies for higher degrees in economics and relevant disciplines. Students are also introduced with the subjects such as psychology, sociology, law and business studies, and with the disciplines more traditionally associated with economic science. The courses are designed to provide students with a deep theoretical knowledge in economics and also aiming students to be informed about the economics and politics of the EU as one of the economic block with the deepest economic integration. The program places strong emphasis on requirements of the public policy and its implications for business strategy in a global environment, and the courses provide a balance between economic theory and applied economic analysis.

We adopt the following objectives as the basis of our vision and mission in accordance with those declared by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. We also adopted the values and goals set for the advancement policies of the Near East University and are devoted to commitments also declared by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Our mission is to create a unique educational environment where students can successfully practice methods to reconstruct resources for producing the goods and services to satisfy the needs and fulfil the demands of the society, explore the growth of the world’s economies, tax policies, inflation, unemployment, tariffs, and international trade. We prepare our students to be ready to combine both their educational knowledge and practical skills successfully and get ready for their future careers in a global, rapidly changing business environment.

Our vision is to be a leading model for all who seek intellectual vitality in a learner-centred and socially responsible academic community in economics.

The educational objective of the B.A. program is to provide students with extensive knowledge of economical theories, an ability to apply economic analysis in administrative positions in both the business and public sectors, country and with the skills necessary to adapt to the changing environment.

Students enrolled in the B.A program take basic courses focusing on work, business and economics with some additional eight courses in economics.
A student may pursue a General Economics program, or course wthin the junior and senior years and take eight field-related courses leading to a minor specialisation in either Applied Economics or International and European Economics.

The B.A degree is conferred upon satisfactory completion of 120 credit-hours(40 courses).