It is one of the objectives of the undergraduate degree programme to prepare the students for the highly competitive job market and give them the necessary experience and skills so that they are motivated, knowledgeable, and confident individuals while searching for a job after graduating. Students broaden their practical knowledge of computers and business studies skills by spending a short time in industry or in an office under the supervision of a computer expert. This gives them an experience and an understanding of the real-life problems and prepares them for responsible positions in the commercial market places by combining a strong background in information technology with a strong foundation in business administration.

The main objectives of Computer Information Systems undergraduate degree programme are outlined as follows:

  • To acquire graduates common competencies that are essential for carrying out fundamental processes in their life-long profession and learning within society.
  • To equip graduates with technical competences that are associated to the demands of the professional areas associated with their degree.
  • To provide graduates in-depth specialized competencies in the areas of computer science, information systems, software engineering and information technology to solve problems in specific academic, professional or social settings.