Department of Computer Information Systems

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Department of Computer Information Systems

The message of the Chairperson

Dear Students,

We have freshly started a new academic year. Our family is getting larger with the new students attending to our family. Having new students in our family will further lead to new gains of our department. In this regard, I have every confidence to point out that you will do your best and will succeed to extraordinary achievements in your courses. I do believe that not only the qualified academic members but also laboratories and classrooms equipped with latest technology will help you to have an ebullient educational process. I wish you all a peaceful and successful academic year at this precious University of our adorable island. May you all the best throughout the new academic year.

Prof. Dr. Nadire ÇAVUŞ
The Chairperson
The Department of Computer Information Systems

Department of Computer Information Systems
Department of Computer Information Systems

As a result of the recent advances and innovations in communications technology, internet, and related fields, computers have become part of everyday life. Computer Information Systems is currently one of the fastest growing fields and the demand for graduates in this field is increasing all the time. The Degree programme offered by the faculty aims to train students in this field and prepare them for a career in computer related jobs.

Students will develop the necessary skills in all aspects of the software development cycle and will have an excellect background in analysing, comparing, and using various application programs. Computer information systems is currently used in all government offices, in public places such as in hospitals, in educational institutions, in private offices, in shops and in all types of businesses. As a result of this, one of the objectives of the degree programme is to teach the basic business skills to students in addition to the computer related topics so that the students become more competitive in the job market. The department strongly believes that by by integrating the information technology with business processes the students acquire all the necessary professional skills demanded in the current competitive market place.

The programme is well structured and has been designed with the aim of providing an excellent foundation in many areas of the current computer technology. The programme offers courses in computer software, database systems, computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks, mobile devices, organisational skills, and business applications of computers. In addition, the program aims to teach and develop the leadership skills of students so that they can take managerial positions and be leaders in their future careers and work in harmony to ensure that the organisation they are working for achieves its targets. The department also aims to ensure that those students who wish to continue into the postgraduate studies have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and the abilities to carry out research in a professional manner after graduating from the department.

The aim of the Bachelor degree is to equip graduates with fundamental skills, knowledge and competencies to sustain their professional life in the Information Systems field.

Our mission is to administer the academic program to our students with ultimate effectiveness so that they can easily achieve their goals in business life.

Our vision is to be a role model for all who seek intellectual vitality in a learner-centered and socially responsible academic community in computer information systems.