The objective of the Business Administration programme is to educate future managers and entrepreneurs by investigating major functional areas of business activity. The programme aims to provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to become an effective entrepreneur and manager in a variety of organizational settings, both national and international.

The curriculum has been designed to introduce students to the major business functional areas of management, marketing, production, finance, accounting, and human resources. The possession of these major business functional areas improves the employability of our students. The medium of instruction is English improving students’ employability. The Business Administration programme curriculum, as specified in the objective, also emphasizes national and international focus in that students take courses (compulsory and elective) with an international focus; examples of courses with an international focus include MAN 401 International Business (compulsory), MARK 402 International Marketing (elective), FIN 404 International Finance (elective), and ECON 401 International Economics (elective). The internationality of the programme provides students with the knowledge to perform in national as well as international organizational settings thus also improving employability.

Graduates from the Business Administration programme are equipped with computer and communication skills that help them quickly adapt to any work setting. They are effective also team players who make them productive group members. They are also knowledgeable in the major business functional areas. As such, graduates are readily employable in both private and public sectors. Many graduates find employment in various business related settings including marketing, sales, accounting, finance, human resource management. The sectors that employ graduates from the Business Administration programme including banking and financial services, tourism, business services, and public organizations.