Objectives of the Banking and Finance Department
The Banking & Finance Department provides the knowledge and professional skills that will qualify students to succeed in a variety of jobs in banking sector as well as in other financial institutions. Through various courses of banking and finance both at domestic and international levels, students will acquire all the necessary concepts, principles and skills which should allow them not only to obtain positions in local financial markets and institutions but also in international markets. The programme’s duration is eight semesters and during this period each student is expected to fullfil a twenty one working day internship at a financial organization approved by the Faculty so as to be able to acquire some limited practical knowledge in his/her chosen area of interest. The graduates of this programme may also continue their academic studies by proceeding with a master’s degree in Banking and Finance or in a related field of study.

The four-year BA programme in Banking and Finance is a structurally well-balanced programme requiring the completion of fortytwo courses equivalent to 120 credit hours ( or 240 ECTS). The courses of the programme aim to establish a knowledge in banking & finance; educate students with a good command in written and oral English and build strong communication skills that is necessary in the local and global financial world. In the first two years of the programme, students are equipped with a strong foundation in the fundamental concepts of business management, business law, computer applications, accounting, economics and statistics. Upon this foundation, the students of banking and finance department continue to build a more thorough knowledge in business finance, international finance, bank management, international banking, international finance more investment fundamentals, portfolio management and risk management and in their last two years of study. Students’ knowledge is also broadened with nine non-departmental elective courses within the four-year programme.