Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes of the Banking and Finance Programme

The list of intended learning outcomes of the BA. program is as the following:

  1. Internationality – Programme is in English that educate both national and international students in different country (and different culture) with the aim of providing the highest international standards.
  2. The programme is designed to establish an efficient interaction between the academic staff with an awareness of both ethnical and global issues.
  3. The programme is designed to provide the students a required theoretical and technical knowledge which is necessary for problem solving and decision-making in banking and finance.
  4. The programme is designed to combine the fields of banking and finance with the general fields of business management and economics.
  5. The programme is designed to provide the students a practical financial knowledge. From this perspective, the compulsory internship that the program offers provide an excellent opportunity for the students to assign the skills and knowledges to the practical / real life. Hence, more self-confidence, responsible and communicative students will promote personal achievement and contrubution to the oganizations.
  6. Ability to participate in team-works in a harmonized manner for the solution of the targeted problem.
  7. Ability to write a report and/or to carry out presentations on the studied project using the modern techniques and facilities.
  8. As an optional to improve the students analytical skills which is necessary for writing a dissertation.
  9. Graduate students can have chance to continue to Master programmes in any international University.