Prof. Dr. Erdal YAVUZ

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I opened my eyes to life in a small village  of Artvin,   Ardanuç as a son of a modest family.  When I was four years old my father  was appointed as a civil servant to İstanbul  and this  changed my destiny. While I was at the  last year of elementary school  I  passed  the promotion exam and I won a scholarship in Robert Academy. I was interested in literature, painting, etc. but after high school, the economic rationality and family pressure forced  me to the Civil Engineering department of Robert College which is today’s University of Bosphorus.

In my  high school years starting from my life experiences I  had begun  questioning the world around me and   believed that a system  offering an equal chance to everyone would be better for human development so I approached to a  “socialist” world view. At that time, Faculty of Political Sciences of the Ankara University was very attractive for me and I entered the exam again, left “engineering” and became a student of “political science”.

During my years in Ankara I earned my life by working at the foreign news department of Turkish Radio and Television.

During my university years I took part in the socialist student movements, and for example I was the president of “Peace Association” and was corresponding with Bertrand Russell for the Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal.  In the final year of university I had decided to become an academician. I won a scholarship of the Ministry of Education in the field of   “Communication Sciences” , and I went to France.

My PHD thesis at the University of Strasbourg was “La Press des Jeunes Turcs en Europe” (The Journalism of Young Turks in Europe). When I returned back to Turkey my first job was at the history department of Ankara University as assistant professor under the chairperson Prof. Afet Inan. Two years later METU Department of Economics invited me and continued my academic life as “economist”.

In 1983 I was among the professors who resigned to protest the expulsions of academicians after the military intervention of 1980.   After some unemployed months  I started to work at different jobs like  a bookstore manager, a language school director, a member of the editorial board of a weekly journal (Nokta)  etc.

I returned to the university  again in 1990 and until 2002 taught at Middle East Technical University Department of Economics, also serving as head of department, etc.

In 2002 I was invited  to be the founding dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of  the   Ondokuzmayıs  University of Samsun where I served three years.

After having the right to official  retirement  I came to Istanbul and began working at Yeditepe University  where I was advisor to the president and Dean of Graduate School  etc.

Since September 2013 I am working at my beloved  Near East University, where I had served  as a sabbatical professor in 1994-95.