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Nuriye Sancar was born on 23th December 1989 in Mersin. Her father is white goods technician and her mother is a house wife.  She went Dikmen İlkokulu  for primary school education, Şht. Hüseyin Ortaokulu for secondary school and 20 Temmuz Fen Lisesi for lycee education.  In 2010, graduated as top student of the Applied Mathematics and Computer Department at Eastern Mediterrenean University.

In 2011 completed the non-thesis master’s degree of  institute of educatıon sciences, secondary education branch teaching  at Near East University.  Between 2010-2012 years, completed her master education  with high degree on Differential Equations  in Deparment of Mathematics at Near East University.  Since 2012, lecturing on Mathematics and Statistics lessons at English and Turkish departments of School of economics and administrative sciences depending on Near East University Department of Mathematics. Continues her studies on differential and statistic fields of Mathematics and  study for doctorate on Statistic field.