Münüre Mine BAŞKAYA

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Was born December 30th, 1976 in Nicosia. She is completed her primary, middle, and high school education in Nicosia. She received her BA in Banking and Finance from Eastern Mediterranean University in 1998 and MSc in Finance from University of Leicester, United Kingdom at 2000.

In the 2000 spring term, Baskaya started teaching at Near East University and Cyprus International University. In September 2000, she was begun to work at Turkish Bank Ltd. as assistant auditor. In 2004, she became System Analyst in Information Technology department. In 2009, she was appointed as deputy Risk Manager and established Risk Management department. In 2010, she became Risk Manager and she was also appointed as Security Master Officer. In June 2015, she was appointed Central Operations Director. She is still working.