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He was born on 9’th of September 1963 in Limassol. Having graduated from Nicosia Türk Lisesi . He entered the Mechanical Engineering and Architecture Departments and recieved his diplomas in Mechanical Engineering. Between year 1987 – 1989 He was employed as a Mechanical Engineer. He then completed his military service and made a change of profession and on January 1991, He took employment within the ranks of Bayrak Radio and Television Coorperation as a Reductor Correspondent and a Journalist. At present he actively resumes his job as the Chief of  News Department.

In 2007 He completed his studies and graduated from the Open University’s Business Administration Department in Eskişehir. In 2008 He received his master degree in the subject of European Union Relations from the Near East University. He produced written works on the subjects of ; ‘EU and TRNC Court of Justice ‘ , ‘ Economic Crises, TRNC and Media ‘ and ‘ Globalization Media and Cyprus ‘.

He served as an administrator in the Cyprus Turkish Journalist Union and Bayrak Radio and Television Coorperation. Also he served as the Chairman of Mechanical Engineers Chamber and then General Sekretary of the Engineers and Arcitechts’ Chambers Union Board. Currently he is an Chairman of the Journalist Union Board . He owns yellow press card.