Dizem Ertaç Varoğlu

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Dizem Ertaç Varoğlu was born on the 16th of November 1984 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Her father was a mathematics teacher and her mother a housewife. After she completed her primary education in Sehit Ertugrul Primary School, she went to the Near East College in order to get her secondary education. In 2004, she completed her bachelor’s degree on International Business at the St. Cloud State University, USA. In 2003, she was awarded the Minnesota St. Cloud State University G.R. Herberger Business School Academic Achievement Award and the highest honor Summa Cum Laude degree when completing her studies. Throughout her undergraduate education, she was awarded the Cultural Sharing scholarship and was named in the “Dean’s List” for her academic success.

Right after she came back to Cyprus, she worked as an economics teacher at the Near East College for the academic year 2004-2005. Then she went to the University of Leeds to pursue her master’s degree in Economics and Development. From 2006 to 2012, Dizem Ertaç Varoğlu worked as a full-time lecturer in Economics at Near East University. In 2012, she moved to Belgium with her family and lived there for 4 years and within this period, she pursued her PhD in Applied Economics at the Free University of Brussels and attended many seminars and conferences in her research area. She has participated in many civil society and bicommunal events and projects. She has been a member of the Committee of Directors of Catalköy Development and Culture Organization (CADER) and has been assisting the organization on project planning and appraisal issues, especially in EU-funded projects.

Her research interests are general equilibirum modeling, economic development, international trade, macroeconomics and econometrics, and her research and work on these fields has been continuing.

Her hobbies are travelling, reading, swimming and making puzzles. Dizem Ertaç Varoğlu is married and has two daughters.