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Was born March 23rd 1976 in Lefkoşa, Cyprus. His father was a builder and mother was a housewife. Yorgancıoglu completed his primary school at Sht. Ertugrul and high school education in Turk Maarif Collage.

He received his BA in International Relations from Eastern Mediterranean University in 1997. While engaged in private and family affairs, he received Intercollage’s Introduction to Psychology & Introduction to Psychology II certifications. The desire for learning and teaching has brought him back to the academy. Between 2014 and 2016, he earned a MA diploma from the Near East University International Relations Department successfully.

In 2016, the Admission Committee of the Near East University, has been awarded him with 100% Dr. Suat Günsel doctoral scholarship and is currently an assistant in the department, and performing comparative political systems and conflict resolution courses.