Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdal GÜRYAY

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He was born in Paphos city of  Cyprus on 1th of July 1961.His father was worker and mother was housewife.He had completed primary school  and 1th class of secondary school in Paphos and had completed remaining classes of secondary school in Famagusta Canbolat Lycee. After the graduating of secondary school from Canbolat Lycee in 1979 he had started to work in diferent enterprises as a worker. During the period of 1983-1984 he had completed his military service .

He had leaved Cyprus in 1984 for university graduation in Soviet Union (USSR).He had completed preparatory Russian language course during 1984-1985,undergraduate and graduate courses during 1985-1990 on “Social and Economic Planning” and Ph.D program during 1990-1995 on Econometrics.

After his return back to Cyprus in 1995, he had started to serve in Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources as contract specialist.During this period  in ministry he had worked on harmonazation of agriculture and animal husbandry statistics to FAO standarts and developing of electronics data bases for mentioned statistics. He had also taked important functions on “General Agriculture Census 1996” and “Soil Analizing and Mapping” projects,which were the basis of “Agriculture Master Plan”.In 1998 his contract has ended in ministry.

He had strated his academic life in 1998 in Near East University at the faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. During the period of 1999-2001 he had act as Chairman of the departement of Economics,2001-2008 Chairman of the department of Business Administration ( including 2001-2006 Chairman of the department of Banking and Finance),2007-2008 Vise Chairman of the Institute of Social Sciences.He had assainged as assistant professor in 1999 and associate professor in 2006.During his administrative work at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences  he had leaded to open several graduate  and Ph.D programs.

Parallel to his academic work in NEU he had also served in TRNC Central Bank as member of Board of Directors from 2006 to 2010.

At present Assoc.Prof.Dr. E. Güryay is continuing his academic life in NEU at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.He has many academic papers and projects in national and international areas and supervised gradute thesises.