Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aliya IŞIKSAL

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Aliya Işıksal was born in Pavlodar Kazakhstan. Her mother is a mathematician and father was a Chemist. She graduated from the 36th Secondary School in 2000 as the best student of the high school with 5.00/5.00 CGPA. She achieved B.A. degree as the high-honour student again as the best student of the graduating year with 4.00 CGPA with double major from the Departments of English and Kazakh Languages. She has two MBA degrees. MBA in Financial Management from Girne American University and MBA in Finance from University of Northern Virginia. She achieved her Ph.D. from Girne American University in Business Management with the thesis entitles “Initial Under-Pricing & Long-Term Aftermarket Performance of the Russian IPO.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aliya Işıksal previously worked as a lecturer at Pavlodar State University, Kazakhstan and Girne American University in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In 2016, she became the Associate Professor in the field of Banking and Finance. Currently she is Associate Professor at the Department of Banking and Finance in Near East University. She has various publications indexed in SSCI and Scopus Journals including Economic Research Journal, Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting, Asia Life Sciences: The International Journal of Life Sciences, Economics, International Journal of Economic Perspectives, International Research Journal: Problems and Perspectives in Management and European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences. She is married with two sons.