Assist. Prof. Dr. Behiye Tüzel ÇAVUŞOĞLU

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Was born August 15th 1977 Magusa, North Cyprus. Her father was grocer and mother a housewife. She copleted her primary education at Vadili Primary School and  secondary education  at 20 Temmuz High School. Çavuşoğlu graduated from Ankara University departmet of Radiology in 1996 and started to work at Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital at 1997. A year after she registered the department of Economics at Near East University. In 2004 she completed her MSc in Economics at the same Univesity.

In 2004 Çavuşoğlu continued her professional career at Near East University department of Economics as a lecturer. Çavuşoğlu started her Phd degree at Middlesex University Department of economics and continuing with Near East University Department of Innovation and Knowledge Management. She has many published articles and conference proceedings. Her interest areas are  Underground Economy, Development Economics, Econometrics and Knowledge Economy.Çavuşoğlu also acting as a member of board at Knowledge Management Research Center. She is married and has two children.