Department of Prosthodontics

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The Department of Prosthodontics was established on 1 October, 2007. The purpose of the department is to provide the students with an educational environment through which they can receive an education on clinical studies and offer a health care service at international standards. Modern clinics and laboratories as well as the specialist teaching staff are the strong sides of our faculty that make the training facilities effective in the best possible way.

Besides carrying out clinical studies, the Department of Prosthodontics committed to equip undergraduate students with needed theoretical and practical knowledge on fixed and removable dentures and implantology, and to offer postgraduate educational programs focused on academic and clinical contemporary dentistry norms.

Our vision is to gain an international reputation in the field of prosthodontic treatment by our contemporary education system and research activities, and to be a unique training center of the Middle East in training and reintegrating competent dentists and scientists into the society.