Department of Periodontology

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The Department of Periodontology was established in 2007-2008 academic year with 1 professor, 1 specialist and 2 researchers. There are 3 units at our department at the moment. These departments are equipped with LED devices, LCD monitors, intraoral camera systems, ultrasonic imaging devices and other technological devices, and are open to innovative changes. Besides, there is an operating theatre at the department. Periodontology is the scientific branch of dentistry that studies the problems of gum and maxilla that surround and support the structures of teeth and implants, diagnoses and treats the dental diseases and also ensures quality of post-treatment health conditions. The curriculum of the department comprises the diagnosis and the treatment of periodontal diseases, courses for enabling graduate and postgraduate students to make and implement treatment planning, demonstrations, laboratory studies, seminars, literature research, and also written and oral examinations to evaluate the progress of the students. Clinicians and academicians who work selflessly at the Department of Periodontology, carry out studies on particularly resective and regenerative surgery, guided tissue and bone regeneration, implantology, periodontal pathology, growth factors, periodontal epidemiology and laser usage. Our target is enabling students to receive education at a department equipped with latest technological devices under the coordination of discipline and tolerance. Our target is to educate competent dentists who are able to express their opinions liberally, interrogators, equipped with up-to-date knowledge and awareness of rendering a health service to humanity not to human. The other service of the department is to offer postgraduate education for our graduates and for those who wish to carry out field-relevant studies. The principle of postgraduate education of the department is to establish a peaceful and tranquil work environment where cooperation and solidarity, scientific studies, research and inventions are liberally carried out and where the opportunities are equally and fairly provided. Our target on postgraduate education is to educate competent periodontists who are able to professionally carry out the contemporary applications on periodontology and make a difference on the application, abide by the professional ethics rules and, have a say in community on oral and dental health issues in the future. Clinical services at our department are carried out in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Safety of both patients and dentists is our priority at clinical services.

The mission of the Department of Periondotology is to educate dentists, periodontists and academicians to adopt global and ethic values, gain contemporary knowledge and techniques, and supervise the dental health of our citizens, act as mindful field specialists for public health and quality of life, be innovative and become aware of the importance of personal service and have a sense of obligation. Our mission is to produce information for mankind and offer dental health care services with our creative and dedicated health team.

The vision of the department is to gain an international reputation and be an epitomic unit with its graduates, scientific studies and clinical activities and also hand down the qualifications to the next generations.

Research Areas
Resective and regenerative surgery, guided tissue and bone regeneration, implantology, periodontal pathology, growth factors, periodontal epidemiology and laser.