Department of Orthodontics

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In accordance with the protocol signed between the Near East University and Ankara University, the Department of Orthodontics of Faculty of Dentistry was established on October 1, 2007 under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Hakan GÖGEN with Dt. Beste KAMİLOĞLU, Dt. Öykü DALCI, Dt. Gizem ALTUĞ and Dt. Levent VAHDETTİN. Our aim is providing the undergraduate and postgraduate dentistry students with best possible opportunities so that they can gain orthodontic vision and obtain clinical and scientific education on orthodontics. Besides, the Department of Orthodontics offers the best treatment opportunities for patients who have orthodontics problems. The Department of Orthodontics technologically and scientifically follows the latest developments and bring them into the department.

The mission of the Department of Orthodontics is providing the dentistry students with extensive training opportunities so that they can specialize on diagnosing the orthodontics problems of patients, inform patients on their problem and become competent dentists on diagnosing and operating orthodontic problems as well as offering protective treatments, and carry out simple treatment on orthodontic problems. Also training doctorate students of orthodontics to have clinical knowledge on the orthodontic problems, receive education on the biological bases of orthodontics and promote them to actively participate in research projects are basic principles of our mission. In the light of the latest scientific developments, our department offers contemporary and comprehensive treatment opportunities for all age groups. Our mission is to reach optimum treatment results with multidisciplinary approaches on adult patients and also to promote the development of the branch of orthodontics with scientific research and make a solid impression on public and in scientific field.

The Department of Orthodontics is becoming a leading name amongst the departments of its relevant field with the quality of education in postgraduate and doctorate studies, with the scope of research projects and the quality of health services. Our target is becoming a contemporary and innovative department by following the latest technological and scientific innovations as well as contributing them through our own studies.