Department of Endodontics

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The Department of Endodontics was established in 2007-2008 academic year with 1 professor, 1 specialist and 1 researcher. Students receive practical ad theoretical courses in the 3rd year, theoretical and clinical courses in the 4th year and clinical courses in the 5th year at our department, which is fully equipped with latest and highest technology so far available in its field. Modern training and treatment methods are carried out at our department in accordance with the latest developments.

The lecturers of the Department of Endodontics teach how to cope with the complicated dental cases to undergraduate and graduate students and enable them to gain experiences in carrying out accurate and safe clinical applications. Besides, one of the major objectives of the department is carrying out scientific research in the light of the recent studies and engage both students and graduates in a life-long learning process.

The department of Endodontics holds universal and ethical values, adopted contemporary knowledge and techniques, is innovative, dedicated to educate competent dentists and specialists for the diagnosis and the treatment of Endodontic diseases. This department explores the endodontic problems and offers oral and dental health services with an specialist team.

Our vision is, in accordance with the contemporary requirements and principles, organizing Endodontics training programs and constantly update and keep them up-to-date, carrying out research-based, learning-oriented methods, launching scientific and developmental projects, foregrounding the interdisciplinary approaches in education and research studies, organizing extensive participation programs and offering clinical health and education services for our patients.