Department of Visual Communication and Design

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The goals and objectives of the department
Today, effective communication is closely associated with technology. Within this context, visual communication design continues to flourish as the cohesion of communication, design and technology has become an inevitable requirement for effective visual communication. NEU Faculty of Communication Department of Visual Communication and Design has set it as its fundamental objective to provide the students with all opportunities required for a quality education and pave the way for them towards becoming creative, competent, critical thinking, multifaceted, socially conscious, self-confident and constantly renewing individuals that equipped with contemporary professional ethics, knowledge and skills required to address the needs of society and the sector involved in arts and culture, web and graphic design, cinema-TV, stage and visual design, and multimedia branches. The Department attaches a special emphasis on the conception, creation, planning, and encourages innovative ideas to realize creative design solutions for effective visual communication.

Job Opportunities
Visual communication designers can be employed by many sectors involved in web design, art directing, television news reporting, desktop publishing and public relations, actual reporting, media using advanced technological printing techniques and satellite communications, and organizations that provide data communication through information technologies.

Labs and Equipments
The Department of Visual Communication and Design with its contemporary lecture halls, high-tech equipped labs and studios is a vibrant intellectual community that takes a prominent place in NEU Faculty of Communication. Our media centers including the office of Near East Newspaper, Near East News Agency, fully equipped studios of Near East FM and Near East TV provide our students with vast opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

The communication complex, where our department is situated, houses 4 data interconnected classrooms with a capacity for 80 students, and 4 classrooms with a capacity for 50 students, a computer lab, graphics animation and photoshop lab with 30 computers, a computer based news agency, a photography lab, a dark room, a multipurpose television studio and amphitheatre with a capacity of 200 audiences, a news center and broadcasting studio equipped with professional lighting system and