Department of Journalism

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Teaching period: 4 years

Aims and Objectives
The Department of Journalism aims to prepare its students as subject specialists of the press and media sector. The Department aims to train students to be well-qualified and equip them with skills and abilities that are essential to carry out tasks effectively in this field. The Department also aims to raise their awareness about the importance of this subject on communal issues. It is aimed that those who graduate from the department achieve to theoretical and practical proficiency to be able to meet all the needs and responsibilities required by the media institutions as well as considering the communal benefits while carrying out their profession.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of Journalism are offered recruitment opportunities in all parts of media owned by private and state sectors, such as private news agencies, radio and television stations, and other broadcasting institutions and companies.

Departmental Facilities
Students of this department are offered extensive experience opportunities. Students are provided with opportunities to practice in various broadcasting institutions, newspaper agencies and newspaper companies both in TRNC and in Turkey, and what is more, students always have the opportunity to take part at the Near East Newspaper, Near East News Agency, and the Near East FM to gain experience and put their theoretical knowledge into practice effectively. There are several lecture halls and studios equipped with the latest devices that are used in this sector, computer labs, graphic animation and Photoshop labs where 20 persons can study, a photography lab, a television studio that is direcly linked to director’s central office and can accommodate up to 200 audience, a broadcasting studio decorated with professional lighting system and central news agency unit where students can benefit and experience all the circumstances of journalism.