Lecturer Elnaz NASEHI

Also available in: Türkçe

She was born in 1982 in Iran. She received her bachelor degree in cinema (editing) from Art University of Tehran, andherMaster of Art in DramaticLiteraturefromTarbiatModaresUniversity (T.M.U), with the dissertation: “Stage Theatre and Teleplay- A Comparative Study”.

She started her PhD in 2012 at Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus, and have been working there as a research assistant and a film studies instructor. While working on the last phase of her dissertation, “The Ambivalence of the Unveiled: a Feminist Reading on AsgharFarhadi’s Films”, she continues her academic works as a full-time Instructor at the Faculty of Communication, Near East University, North Cyprus.

Prior to her PhD, shehad her firstbook, The Guide to Story-Telling for Computer Games, published in the Iranian National Institute of Computer Game. She also worked as a director, editor and researcher in the National Television of Iran (Iranian National Broadcasting Company), 2008-2010. She directed and edited a 52 episode documentary TV program titled “Future” about the visualized future of different aspects of the humanity within the context of futurology. Her documentary film, “The Tent”, was awarded as the best documentary film in the 11th International Quran Film Festival, 2003.