Department of Filmmaking and Broadcasting

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Department of Filmmaking and Broadcasting

The Near East University is the leading provider of practical filmmaking course , based in NEU Studios.

Department of Filmmaking and Broadcasting

Filmmaking is designed for students who want either a one-year Certificate; or a two-year Diploma or a 4 year Degree in Department of Filmmaking and Broadcasting
Students achieving a pass in Certificate can continue to study for one more year to receive a Diploma.Students who receive a Diploma can study further 2 years to receive a Degree in Filmmaking.

Students can choose from a selection of elements within a module. At the end of your one year programme you will receive a Certificate in Filmmaking. After a two year programme you will receive a Diploma in Filmmaking. After 4 years you will receive a degree in Filmmaking.

The fees are 5600 eu but there are 50% Grants available to 20 students per annum.Places are limited.

For example- Get a Certificate in Filmmaking for 2800 only.

During both programmes you will gain a comprehensive range of practical production skills that focus on creative development, writing, directing, production and editing.

In addition, you will develop an understanding of film history, movements and style. Through your enhanced understanding of film you will acquire essential critical analysis skills and a thorough appreciation of contemporary industry practice.

Department of Filmmaking and Broadcasting

Programme Aims

Filmmaking programme aims to enable students:

  • To be technically assured in all aspects of production and postproduction for film and related media
  • To be able to develop, communicate and deliver creative ideas, both working alone and collaboratively as part of a team, displaying a sustained awareness of the ethical implications of film production and working practice
  • To engage critically with contemporary industry practice in all its manifestations, recognising how considerations of business and exploitation impact on production, and how different disciplines and roles relate to one another
  • To make active and informed use of the theoretical frameworks and contemporary cultural, political and ethical perspectives relevant to their particular discipline
Department of Filmmaking and Broadcasting
  • To become reflective practitioners, dedicated to improving their practice through on-going critical awareness and analysis, so acquiring a systematic understanding of the relationship between theory andpractice
  • The ability to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of all aspects of production and postproduction for film and related media, in the creation of completed artefacts, with an assured handling of tools and techniques consistently and ethically delivered using best practice to a standard commensurate with professional work
  • To develop a full range of specific creative, editorial and technical skills applicable to all aspects of film production
  • To acquire in-depth knowledge of the film industry, including inter alia the influence on such factors as the development, production, financing, distribution and successful commercialisation of film
  • To achieve a critical appreciation of the theoretical and historical contexts of the film industry that clearly informs their practice

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