Prof. Dr. Ahmet ÇİĞDEM

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Ahmet Çiğdem, Prof. Dr. Born and raised in Çankırı, Turkey (1964) where he has also completed his primary and middle education. Undergraduation: University of Ankara, Faculty of Educational Sciences (1986). Graduation: MS and PhD in Sociology from Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey). From 1986 to 2013 he worked in Gazi University of Ankara at the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences where he has mainly thought sociology, political science, political sociology and The Social Structure of Turkey. Since 2001-2002 he has also thought sociology, political science, the methodology of social sciences, Ethics and Communication, Political Communication and Communication and Modernity as a part-time instructor at Near East University in the Faculty of Communication.

Basic research interests are as follows: Political and Social Theory, Communication and Social Theory, Religion and Social Theory, and The Turkish Political and Social Reality.
In addition to various and numerous articles and essays published in many academic and non-academic journals, Dr. Çiğdem has published some books, which consolidating his research interests and individual quest at large, mostly in Turkish, are given below:

The Thought of Enlightenment, İstanbul: Dedalus Yayınları, 2018 (Revised and Enlarged, forthcoming, 8. impression).
Modernity as an Occasio, A Study on Weber & Habermas, İstanbul: İletişim Yayınları, 2015. (5. Impression).

Reason and Emancipation of Society: A Study on Jürgen Habermas, İstanbul: İletişim Yayınları, 2008. (2. Impression)
Society: Concept and Reality, İstanbul: İletişim Yayınları, 2013 (2.impression).

Local Epic: Turkish Ideologies and Islamism, İstanbul: Birikim Yayınları, 2016 (3. impression).
Turkey: Religion, Democracy and Coup D’etat, İstanbul: İletişim yayınları, 2009.

Exhausting the Future: AKP (Justice and Development Party) and Turkey, İstanbul: İletişim Yayınları, 2015.