Lecturer Tamer GARİP

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Tamer Garip is the Head of Communications and Founder of Filmmaking Department of Near East University . He teaches “Directing” at the Near East University. Tamer Garip has directed his 2nd feauture film Dr.Dilara , which was premiered at Cannes Film Festival in May 2016.His first feauture film was Codename Venus (Kod Adi Venus) premiered at Cannes in 2012 and shown in Cinemas in Turkey and Cyprus in 2013.

Tamer was born in Nicosia ,Cyprus on May 10, 1962.Tamer graduated from Brighton University , Business Studies degree and he studied at “Panico Film School (London Film Academy)” in London. He began a Masters course in “Film Studies” in Westminster University, London but did not complete . In 1991, Tamer was declared as the Pioneer of Interactive Advertising while working on TV ads for Saatchi & Saatchi, BMP, TBWA on accounts such as Levis 501 , Nissan, and many other blue chip companies in London. In 1996,He won the best CD-ROM producer award and produced Future Vision Exhibition at Manchester for Barclays Bank Plc.

He also produced the first e-commerce internet banking for (Transpay) Barclays Bank Plc . In 1999, he won the Most Innovative Technology Award and The 2nd Best Design Agency Award by Yell Awards of UK, presented by Jonathan Ross. In 2001,he was elected as one of the most influential people in the internet industry and selected as one of the top 12 internet designers of UK by The Internet Magazine. With the assistance of BBC* and Sky TV*, he set up the School of Creative Technologies in London and taught film making techniques to over 100 students in London during 2002-2004. He was appointed as the CEO of “Levent Group” * of Companies (one of the largest companies in TRNC) and also he was the Trustee of Cyprus International University from 2006 until 2011.During this time he transformed “Levent Group” and the Cyprus International University into one of the fastest growing organisations. He produced and directed 3 very popular TV shows and wrote a book called ‘Think of a Country that…”

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