Lecturer Mustafa ERSENAL

Also available in: Türkçe

Mustafa Ersenal was born in 1987 in Kyrenia. After completing primary school education at the April 23 Primary School and high school education at May Maarif Koleji on 19 May, he graduated from the radio, TV and cinema departments at the University of Nicosia in the Greek Cypriot district.

He completed his master’s degree in honor at the University of Central Lancashire on film directing and production. During his time in England he directed two short films (Temporal and Breathe)

After returning to Cyprus, he took the short filmini named ‘Cesnola’. Cesnola is the subject of Luigi Palma Di Cesnola, which was found in Cyprus in the 1870s and which has been excavated and found in many places, taking the historical monuments abroad.

In 2014, Alashia Reborn (Alashia is reborn) has attracted the art document named. The documentary examines how repetitive imitations of historical artifacts have been produced and restored to my country.

He currently teaches at the Near East University on a full-time basis.