Lecturer Mustafa DOĞRUSÖZ

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Mustafa Doğrusöz was born February 10, 1947 in Nicosia’s largest suburb, Küçük Kaymaklı.
His father was a respectable businessman of that time.

He completed Küçük Kaymaklı Elementary School, Bayraktar Middle School and Haydarpaşa Trade School.
During the 1963 events, he lost all of his assets and continued his life as the only son of the family.

After completing a five year mujahidin service, he continued his education at the Eskişehir Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences.

He returned to the Island in 1972 to a period where unemployment was persistent. Doğrusöz spent a short period working in the orange orchard of his father in law.

On Fehruary 23, 1974, Doğrusöz joined the police force and was appointed to Serdarlı Chief of Police on June 24, 1974.
He took part in the first and second Peace Operations and left the Force in 1978.

In 1980, Doğrusöz began his journalism career. He was editor in chief of two newspaper and in 1986 he was appointed to Special Press Advisor to the President.

After occupying this position for ten years, he began working at Cyprus Newspaper as News Director. İn the Articles category Doğrusöz received four prestigious awards.

He is the author of two books, “Çocuk Gözlü Dev” and “Çünkü Ben Buralıyım”.

At the same time Doğrusöz has been a lecturer for twelve years at Near East University, the biggest university in the Republic.
Doğrusöz is married with two children and has two grandchildren.