Lecturer Eser KEÇECİ

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

She was born in 1980 in Nicosia- Cyprus. During her childhood she took piano lessons and gained certificates from Royal School of Music. After graduation from Türk Marif Koleji, she went to the Hacettepe University in Turkey, Faculty of Fine Arts, and department of Ceramic. In 2001, she graduated first within the department of Ceramic, as well as overall third within the Fine Arts Faculty. Keçeci was Honored by İhsan Doğramaci with Master Success prize_ award and, also by Hacettepe University with Student Success Prize. In 2002, she started MA in the same University and finished in 2003 with the title of ‘Installations As The Language of Expression in The Shaping Of Though Conveyed By Ceramic Applications’. After the Master of Art studies she went to London for the purpose of improving language and taking private classes on Drama and Art History. In 2004 her academic career began and first, she started to teach as a Part time lecturer at Faculty of Visual Arts and Faculty of Architecture. Between 2006-2011, she gave lectures at Faculty of Fine Arts and Design as a full time instructor. Now she is lecturing at Faculty of communication, Department of Visual Communication and Design, at the same time she is studying PhD at the same Faculty.

She has participated so many varieties of international and national exhibitions, Panels and workshops. She is member of Ceramist Association, KKTC Ceramist Association, Eastern Mediterranean Art Association, and Open Studios Association. Beside these, since 2009 she has been one of the executive members of the Eastern Mediterranean Art Association.