Lecturer Erdinç GÜNDÜZ

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He was born on 24’th of October 1949, at Esentepe (Aynikola) village of Paphos. He completed his primary education in Köşklüçiftlik Primary School. His first three years of secondary education was at The Nicosia English School. In 1963, when the intercommunal clashes started, he completed his secondary school education at the Köşklüçiftlik English School in the Turkish sector ve Nicosia.

For two years he studied in The Faculty Of Political Science of Ankara University. In 1972 he came back to Cyprus and started working in Radio Bayrak-Music Section as a ‘Programme Producer and Speaker’. In 1980 he promoted to ‘The Head of the Music Section” position.

In 1985 he had training on “TV Production” in Studio Hamburg in Germany.
In 1986 he had training on “TV Management” in Studio Hamburg in Germany.

In 1988 he promoted to “The Head Of Programmes” position in BRT.
In 1990 he was promoted to “The Coordinator” position.
With his own will he retired from BRT in 1994.

During the BRT years, he attended to many seminars outside Cyprus. Besides, he took place as a jury member in four international song contests organized in Turkey.

After retiring from BRT in 1994, he started working for “Kıbrıs Media Group”. He took active role in setting up of the radio station KFM, and the TV station KTV, for ‘Kıbrıs Media Group’.
In 2009 leaved the job, while he was the Director of KFM and KTV:

He started his music education at the age of six with private violin lessons. These lessons went on till 1963. Being succesfull in five of the Royal School Of Music “Grade” examinations, after a long inevitable intermission period he completed the “grade” examinations in 1973.

In amateur bases, he is involved in popular music since 1964. He plays guitar and most of the string instruments. He is a member of the music group Sıla 4, which had a serious efect on Turkish Cypriot folk music.
In 1969 and 1970, he was in the team who had a long journey all over Cyprus island seeking for Cypriot folk songs. Related to this ‘search’, the music group Sıla 4, has produced many Turkish Cypriot folk songs, which still is sung by many of the musicians on the island.
Sıla 4 produced five singles (45 rpm records) during the years 1970 and 1972.
Many of the ‘Sıla 4’ songs are collected in two CD’s, which was produced (with a new arrangement) in 2009 and 2010.
He currently has about fifteen compositions both solo and with his group members.

Erdinç Gündüz, is a part-time instructor in Near East University-Faculty of Communication- Department of Radio, Television & Cinema, since 2004.