Lecturer Adnan IŞIMAN

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Mr. Adnan Işıman was born in November 24th, 1946 in Küçük Kaymakli.

He went to Küçük Kaymaklı Primary School and than he was continued Bayraktar Middle School. While he was a high school student in 1963 inter-communal clashes erupted between Turkish and Greek communities in Cyprus. Because of those problems he started his army duties for his country while he was a high school student and carried on after his graduation.

In October 1968 Mr. Işıman went to Turkey for his university education and graduated from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics of the University of the Ege in 1972.

After his return to Cyprus he started working as a supervisor under the Ministry of Finance of Treasury and accounting office. In 1974 Mr. Adnan Işıman participated to the Cyprus Peace operation. Afterwards he started his own businesses and work in the private sector.

Mr. Işıman’s journalism adventure has been started in 1980 as columnist at “Kıbrıs Postası” and continued his career at various newspapers as a General Editor, Chief Editor and General Manager.

Mr. Adnan Işıman is still working as a lecturer at the Department of Journalism of Faculty of Communication in Near East University and also has a permanent yellow press card.

In 2010, TRNC Assembly appointed Mr. Adnan Işıman as a member of the Broadcast High Commission of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Yayın Yüksek Kurulu). Further more Mr. Işıman holding a General Secretary of the Turkish Cypriot Association of Mucahits and also he is still continues his journalism profession by contributing as a columnist with the Press of the TRNC.

Mr. Adnan Işıman is married and has two children.