Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ufuk ÇELİK

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I was born in Malatya on 20.04.1970. I completed primary and secondary education at Gazi Elementary School, Atatürk Secondary School and Malatya High School. Later, I worked as an editor-journalist in Malatya’s Sesi newspaper published in Malatya. I was a newscaster for one year at 44 FM. Then I took on the role of news director and spikery in Radio Firat and that radio was making a regional broadcast. In Elazığ, I continued to work as a news director and newscaster in the regional radio station “FM23” and in Kanal 23 Television broadcasting in the same institution. In the meantime, I was in charge of Regional TV in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia region. Then I worked for a while at Show Tv Istanbul news center. In the meantime, I made 3 documentaries and because of them, I was awarded first prize in some competitions, I received 4 local awards in the news category and some plaques of success.

In 1999, I got a merit based scholarship from the Communication Department of the Near East University Faculty of Communication and received a scholarship from the Department of Cinema of the Near East University, and I completed the department with a high average in 4 years. Then in 2003, I graduated from the same faculty with the title of “Media Studies” (2005), followed by Education Sciences Institute, Economics and Planning I completed my doctorate (2015) in the US.

Between 1999 and 2003 and 2010-2013 in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, I worked as a main news spokesperson for the Bayrak Radio and Television (BRT), the state television, and hosted various news programs. I have been giving lectures mainly on presentation and speech such as Culture History, Radio / TV Workshop, News and Presentation Techniques in Near East University, Faculty of Communication. I also took courses related to the art of speaking in YDU Faculty of Performing Arts for 2 years, i will summarize the main topics such as specialization, human relations, community-individual relations, communication and education. There are some articles that are also scanned in international journals in the field of Communication and Education.
Also, my book titled “Communication Studies and Area Implementation” published by Lambert Publishing House has been sold by Amazon Publications. This book considers the overlapping and non-overlapping aspects of education and field applications in the Communication Faculties from a general point of view.

I would like to state my belief that theoretical knowledge, which I believe should be in every major discipline, it should be in accordance with the realities of the field and complementary thought, that the theories in the faculty should be sufficiently given, and vocational courses should be transformed into practice.