Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fevzi KASAP

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Was born in Ktima-Paphos in 1972. He completed his Primary and Secondary school education in Güzelyurt. Then he studied in the Faculty of Fine Arts, department of Cinema and Television at Dokuz Eylül University(DEU) – İzmir and obtained his Masters (1998) and doctoral (2005) degrees from the İnstitute of Social Studies of the same University.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Fevzi KASAP’s interest in written and visual media began during his high school years and while at the University his articles were published in various papers and magazines. İn the year 2000 his daily articles were publised in the daily paper “Hürriyet Kıbrıs”, during his studies he also made a few documentary and short films. He also took part in two documentaries which were DEU projects.

In 1997 he organised and directed the first film Festival in TRNC.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Fevzi KASAP as an employee of the Near East University (NEU) set up an run the public relation office in İzmir until 2003 and moved on to become the director (represantative) for the Agean and Mediterrean areas.

İn 2007 he set up and run the Public Relations Centre on the Campus at the same time he undertook the chairmanship of the Radio-Tv and Cinema Department – Faculty of Communication , which positions he held until 2010. During this period he was NEU Represantative in the Presentation (Promotion) Commitee of YÖDAK.

Up until 2010 Assist. Prof. Dr. Fevzi KASAP attended more than 100 Education Fairs and Educational Symposium and made innumerable presentations.

At present he is the Director of Radio-Tv-Cinema Department.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Fevzi KASAP is married and has got two years old son.