Assistant Savaş GÜNGÖR

Also available in: Türkçe

He was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1992. He received his elementary, middle and high school education in Nicosia. In 2014, Gungor graduated as the top of his class in the department of Visual Communications Design of Communication Faculty at NEU (Near East University). During this period, he received the honour and high honour scholarships from TRNC’s (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) Ministry of National Education. The graduation project for his bachelor degree, his graduation project was a fragmented video work that was broadcasted on Near East TV. Along with working as a visual designer in various organizations, in 2014, Gungor worked as a visual design coordinator for NEU’s Distance Learning Centre. In 2015, he worked as a research assistant in the department of Visual Communications Design at NEU.

In 2017, Gungor achieved his Master’s degree from NEU’s Institute of Social Sciences and Fine Arts in the field of Art and Design. The subject of his thesis is “City Brand Identity and Implementation Study for TRNC”.

Gungor is a member of Cyprus Paper Artists Association and has participated in many local projects and exhibitions. He also worked as an art assistant for the film “Dr Dilara”. Gungor is currently continuing with his studies and assistantship in the national, international and official projects of the department of Visual Communications Design at Near East University. Since 2015, he’s worked as a teaching assistant for the Graduation Projects of the department, and also in Graphic, and Typography and Creativity workshops. Since 2017, he has been proceeding with his PhD studies in the department of Media and Communications of the Institute of Social Sciences. Among his research areas brand identity, visual communication and graphic design, urban aesthetics and typography can be mentioned.