Assist. Prof. Dr. Sevilay ULAŞ

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She was born in Istanbul. She was also completed primary and high school education in Istanbul. In the same year, she studied classical ballet. she started his undergraduate education at the Eastern Mediterranean University, faculty of Communication and Media Studies, department of Public Relations and Advertising, where she was a student assistant and graduated as a student of honor with a scholarship for success in undergraduate studies. In the undergraduate education, she participated in the contest of Aydın Doğan Young Communicators together with his colleagues who were educated in the same department and received the second prize in the “best press advertising” category. In the following year, she started her postgraduate studies in the faculty of Communication, department of Public Relations and Publicity. She completes the master’s degree with thesis of “The” Advertorials and Ethical Dimension in Written Basis “. She continued her academic career in Ege University, Faculty of Communication, department of Public Relations and Publicity. She completed doctorate education with a doctorate title “The Relationship Between Brand Loyalty and Social Media: A Research based on Luxury Automobile Brand ” and received doctorate degree.

In the same year, she worked as a chairman of the board of director in the alumni of Eastern Mediterranean University for a term. After graduating from undergraduate education, she started to work as a brand representative in M.A.R.K.A advertising agency in Istanbul. She has been involved in the preparation of various advertising campaigns and films. Later, she worked with people in the media industry and gave them press consultancy. She also worked in public relations and communication coordinator roles in television program productions firms in the same sector and took part in various social responsibility projects. In the following years, she worked as a public relation specialist in the health group, health sector in Istanbul. After that, she worked as Instructor in the program of Public Relations and Promotion and Radio and Television Productions programs in the Vocational School of Social Sciences.

Married and has a child.