Assist. Prof. Dr. Nuran ÖZE

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

She was born on 25 May 1978 in Nicosia. She is the second child of her family. She received complete secondary school education and until 2. Class in Lycee at 20 Temmuz Lycee. She was apreciated by athletic and successfull personality by taking part in athletism team during her secondary education life.

Nuran Öze graduated with highest degree from the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management of Eastern Mediteranean University . She received the award for best student of German Language in 1997. She graduated her master degree with highest degree from the Program of Master of Business Administration in Faculty of Economics and Adminisrative Sciences at Near East University. She decided to continue in academically with her teachers advice and assistance She started to teach on marketing field as a part-time teacher in Faculty of Economics and Adminisrative Sciences at Near East University in 2001 Summer Term . She began working as a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication since September 2001. She is wroking as full-time lecturer in Communication Department since 2002. She trying to receive her doctorate degree in Communication field in order to improve her selves and be beneficial to her faculty. She is in the stage of presenting her doctorate work. She attended to the international conferences and symposiums in such as Russia, Denmark and Sweeden in order to keep in touch with the international improvements and changes about the field.

She supervise numerous social responsibility Projects and different organizations which are carried out by Public Relations students. She attended many of bi-comunal workshops and conferences. She is the president of North Cyprus Public Relations Association since 2005. She organized some exhibitions, activities for child , promotional activities and Nicosia Child Festival (2 times).
She is a morther of a doughter.