Assist. Prof. Dr. İzlem KANLI

Also available in: Türkçe

Assist.Prof.Dr.İzlem Kanlı obtained her BA from Ankara University, Faculty of Communication with honous degree in 2002. She later obtained a scholarship from University of East Anglia where she received her MA degree in Cultural Politics from Faculty of Arts and Humanities, School of Political, Social and International Studies, (UEA), UK. (2005), her thesis title being ‘Identity put into question: The Case of Cyprus‘. She later completed a one year training program and received her Pedagogy Certificate for undergraduate teaching from Sussex University, accredited from the HEI, UK in 2007;where she also worked as an associate tutor and researcher. She has obtained her PhD degree in Communication Science, department of Radio, Television and Cinema from Marmara University-Istanbul, 2011; her thesis title being ‘A Cultural-Political Reading of Women’s Representation in Turkish Cinema: (1980-2010)’. She was lecturing at GAU at Faculty of Communication from 2007-2015 and was the head of Radio, Television and Cinema Department. She was appointed as Assistant Professor on 2013. She has recently started lecturing at Near East University,Faculty of Communication.