Assist. Prof. Dr. İbrahim ÖZEJDER

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

He was born in Limassol in Cyprus in June 3, 1960. He completed, primary school in Bladanisya village, secondary school and high school at the Lefkoşa Türk Lycee. In 1985, he graduated from Radio TV Department of Aegean University Faculty of Journalism and Broadcasting. In 1989, he comleted Journalism and Public Relations Department of the MBA program of Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences, with thesis of “Cyprus in Turkish Press”. Then continued for doctorate to the same institutions at the same program. He finished this program with thesis of “The Role of the Press On Entrance to the Cyprus Problem” in 1997.

He has worked as a journalist between 1988 – 1997 for Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Bayrak Radio Television Corporation, Londra Toplum Postası. He worked as a lecturer at Teachers College in 1996. His academic life began in 1998 at European University of Lefke. He served two years as Head of the Department of Journalism-Broadcasting at EUL. Since 2000, he serves as a instructor at Faculty of Communication of Near East University. During the tenure in the Faculty of Communications he worked as Head of the Department of Radio TV, Assistant Dean and Head of the Department of Journalism.

He presented paper titled “Environmental Media and Social Behavior” in 2001, at the International Congress of the Environment, Near East University. He presented a paper titled “Nicosia, The City Without Environment” at Nicosia Urban Symposium. He presented paper for National Congress Turkey of Faculties of Education in 2003 at NEU; “Media and Education Policies”. In 2005, He has joined “ Foreign Policy Journalism Workshop” at Çanakkale 18 Mart University in Turkey and he submited paper “Cyprus as a Laboratory for Foreign Policy Journalism” In 2010, he prepared report titled “Cyprus Turkish Media and Democratic Life” for Cyprus 2015 project.

He is married and has a child.